Friday, August 28, 2009


X-Men Origins: Wolverine = waste of time
You'd think a Wolverine movie would be easy. Set up a bunch of cool action sequences put Weapon-x in them and watch bad guys get sliced and diced. Instead they adapted the weaker part of Wolverine's origin.
I didn't like the focus on Victor and James/Logan as brothers the dynamic doesn't work for me. It doesn't feel natural and the movie never really sells it. We never get to see brothers being brothers, instead we get guys fighting and killing stuff in lame pg-13 fashion. The new Sabretooth Liev Schrieber is pure genius. I wish we could go back and put him in over tyler mane's lumbering grunting Sabretooth from the original fox x-men film.

Ryan Reynolds is used far to little. Blob was better than I thought he would be but he didn't fit in the film and should've been in Last Stand instead. WillIam was atrocious and should please stick to singing.
Stryker was fantastic and he was a great heavy which is difficult to pull off in a film with two great badasses like Jackman and Schrieber. The special effects were atrocious for the budget of the film and I hated the wire jumping with Sabretooth and the lame long finger nails. The effects were problematic and I think all of the X-men films were better fx wise even horribly rushed x3 looks better than Origins. This film would have been better as an R with less mutants and focusing more on him fighting in the wars and losing friends and finding pathos and trauma that will later fuel his animal berserker rages.

I loved the casting of Taylor Kitsch as Gambit and I think he worked but it just didn't feel like it fit for the movie. Logan and Gambit's friendship seemed unnecessary and forced. I'd love to see a Gambit Wolverine buddy mutant action film or grindhouse style double feature. Gambit in an ocean style thieve-thriller, and Wolverine as a revenge gore-story.
I kind of like the way they teased at X-men First class would have liked better if they would have played Prof. X straight and explain that he got botox later in life or something. I loved Logan as a lumberjack most of all in the film.
The opening acting and plot-line in the 1800's is horrible. The climax of the film was craptastic and it's ironic that the first film of the summer was the worst of the summer.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

HaRRY PoTTER and the HaLF-BLooD PRiNCe

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Ugggh! What wasted opportunity. The Harry Potter series in my opinion has been grossly mishandled. The books should have been adapted as hour long tv shows or mini-series. maybe turning every chapter into an episode or or every half book into a movie or something to that effect.
I think that the film series started off well enough Sorcerer's Stone was faithful enough as was Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban added more style to the series which the following films carried brilliantly. I as very upset with the massive changes in Goblet of Fire and the Order of the Phoenix run time. This film also similarly flabbergasting story choices that I felt unnecessarily deviated from the awesome things that actually happen in the book.
The Half-Blood Prince is very much a companion piece for death;y Hallows and in that way it works well in book form i fail to see how the films will blend and tell the upcoming story. I was
disappointed in the film and the fact that the line I'm not a coward didn't make it into the film is a travesty. The special effects were the best they've ever been in the series and Horcruxes really seem less fascinating in the film than they seem in the book. The casting of Slughorn was fantastic and I look forward to the Deathly Hallows films an how they will be treated maybe they will justify this film.
Oh and you can't tell me Eric Bana wouldn't have made a better Fenrir Greyback.

Oh yeah!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

drag me to hell

Sam Raimi is back at his best. I hated Spiderman-3 loved Spider-man 2 and absolutely love Drag Me to Hell it's a rare experience when you realize you are going to love a film after only 15 minutes. Some movies that can elicit this are Easy Rider, Th Dark Knight,

Star Wars A New Hope, Hellboy, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Desperado, Kill Bill, Ghostbusters,
True Romance, The Running Man, the Goonies, Total Recall,
and Star Trek 11 to name a few. This film is one of those few simply for the way and style in which the DRAG ME TO HELL title card is shown. It feels so Grindhouse and cool. This film would fit in perfectly as a modern day Grindhouse it's strange how this film feels like a modern day period piece.
I am flabbergasted at the skill Raimi shows in turning mundane items like a handkerchief and an old ladies teeth and turning them into iconic horror props, pop-out scares, to gross, frightening, disturbing, and hilarious effects.
I would have loved to see the film with Ellen Page in th lead but I'm pleased with the product we recieved the acting on all fronts is superb.
The seance scene is great as is the graveyard sequence and opening teaser.
The film moves along pretty brickly and despite the satanic elements is actually a pretty okay family film for a liberal family. Justin Long for some reason is so loved by the audience that when his characters immortal soul is put in jeopardy the audience actively roots for the protagonists well deserved demise. Raimi should stick to these horror films for college k,ids and thriteen year olds and pass on the Spider-man job to someone with less skill in the horror field. Raimi is still a god of horror. Evil Dead 4 better be in the works.
I look forward to a series of these Drag me to Hell films and I can't wait for "Drag me 2 Hell" or "Drag me From Hell" or "Drag 3 to Hell" OHHH! TRADEMARK that quick.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ghosts of Girlfriend's past

Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past is an odd addition to my summer movie picks. Much like yourself I figured this was a sappy chick flick, I was never more wrong.
My first taste of Ghosts of girlfriend's past came upon my fourth viewing of Star Trek. I was chatting with some of the movie theatre staff talking movies as i usually do. He mentioned in passing he got to see Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past while cleaning and that it was very unexpectedly funny. I replied "NO WAY".

He said "for real, it's actually not that much of a chick flick. it's kind of about a guy who is a real player and it has actually has good advice about relationships, Check it out."

I took his recommendation to heart and being the open minded cine-phile that I am. Checked it out a couple of days later after my fifth viewing of Star Trek and was pleasantly surprised. First off the script is very smart and witty. It successfully plays with all sorts of relationship, and christmas carol tropes.
McConnaughey gives a stellar performance his best since Tropic Thunder and Dazed and Confused.
Michael Douglas is also phenomenal as Uncle Wayne like he hasn't been in a long while. He has a real fun character to play that makes Gordon Gekko and "D-Fens" look tame.
The women in the film are also superb Garner is lovely as always along with Chalbert and the rest of the beautiful honeys.
The effects are good and the film is very enlightening for a single man and alot of the relationship advice is spot on and honest.
I highly recommend this film, gereat date film, and good to enjoy with the wife on a late night. There is plenty of eye candy for both sexes, plenty of honest humor for both sexes, and a lot to learn for both sexes. Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past is a chick flick with alot of heart and smart. It delivers a chick flick any dude can enjoy and not feel ashamed. Check it out.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

GI JOE rise of Cobra

Gi JoE Rise of COBra

YO joE!!! the last video is what i'm used to thinking of when it comes to GI joe in film. I consider Stephen Sommers movies to be one of my film guilty pleasures. His films are cheesy, fun, over the top awesome. He has a real great talent for making films fun and light. It's a shame he wasn't involved in Mummy 3 which i have yet to watch but am not exactly thrilled about. I love Van Helsing even if it took a while for me to appreciate its ridiculous fun. Gi Joe is in the vain of Van Helsing and is set in the not to distant future. The special effects aren't quite as good as Van Helsing and are more along the lines of the Mummy Returns which are passable. The action is fun and the editing is tight and effective. The story is simple nano-mite briefcase is the macguffin and everyone is fighting for it. The casting with exception of Duke and General Hawk, is spot on.
For Duke I'd like to have seen Wahlberg or Di Caprio or Chris Pine and Hawk should have been Kurt Russell or the Swayze. I'd actually like to have seen alot more action movie stars in the film Fraser was a nice touch but they should've gone balls out gotten Stallone, Schwarznegger, Hugh Jackamn, Ben Affleck, Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Sean William Scott, JCVD, Steven Seagal, AntonioBanderas, Johnny Depp, Clive Owen, Harrison Ford, Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Uma Thurman, Danny Trejo, Ving Rhames etc.
Cast to perfection however are Baroness and Scarlett who are sexy, seductive, and can actually through their tight leather outfits.
Joe Gordon Levitt of 500 days of summer and brick fame is spectacular and his turn in the film is very cool. I would have enjoyed it more if Cobra Commander would have had the bad-ass high pitched annoying voice. This movie is all eye candy and it may satisfy your sweet tooth or give you a tooth ache. It's a total popcorn flick far more effective than Transformers 2 or Terminator Salvation or even X-men Origins Wolverine.
It's interesting that this should come out the same summer as a Transformers film I'd actually like to see the directors switch films. I think Sommers would be a far better choice for the Robots in disguise as he is a master of bringing childlike funny with out offending or falling to deep into stereotype unless thats the film's style.
Meanwhile Michael Bay with his over-patriotic guns a blazing explosion heavy style seems a far more perfect fit for a GI JOE franchise. One beef I did find with the film is how they went a more globalized route for GI joe when I think the property should really be more America based seeing as how it is GI Joe: A real American Hero. All in all GI joe isn't a total waste of money its a good family film but in a summer jam packed with great family cinema i don't thin this should be at the top of your list. If you have seen all the current films this isn't a bad way to spend a couple of hors i recommend it overall.

Friday, August 7, 2009

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