Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Y the last reader

I got the first three Volumes of Y: The Last Man yesterday afternoon. I finished them at midnight. Holy crap is it good. I just ordered volumes 4-7 from amazon. Unfortunately I have to wait till mnday to read them. I am so glad I picked this book up. It is so well handled and all the dialogue is perfect. I enjoy this book at its base level to hear Yorick talk which is really impressive for a comic book. I think it was an episode of the stack that some one asked what would put reading comicbooks in the main stream, and someone responded let Oprah put a comic in her book club pick. Well this is the comic to hand to Oprah.

Is Ex-Machina this good? If it is I'm going to have to pick it up when I finish reading Y.

I've been reading abot New Line trying turn it into a movie and I really like Shia Lebeouf as Yorick but cinema is really the wrong medium for this. I'd much rather see this as an HBO series.


Anonymous said...

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Gordon said...

I think you'll like Ex Machina, although two small pieces to prepare you:

1) stories are told in flashback, and 2) there's a lot more political stuff than super-hero action.

(I dig it, but I like politically-oriented stories)

Nick said...

Y, Fables, and The Walking Dead all have this uncanny ability to suck you in.'s an acquired taste.

Agree with you on Y being more suited as an HBO series. Even if there is a trilogy of movies based on Y, it's still only three movies that likely will cut out a lot of the original content in the issues.