Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Recently, Swinebread, who holds some what anti-Gambit beliefs, asked me why I enjoyed the character?

Also tomorrow X-men Legacy is going to feature him prominently so here's a Gambit post. 

I began my comics life with the 1990's x-men cartoon. Gambit was featured prominently on the show. He was attracted to Rogue, so was I.


The fact that he's a smoker is one of the reasons I like him. Not many superheroes smoke cigarettes, he's almost a villain and a bit of a cowboy. He has a unique sense of honor. H e has a wierd costume that I'm not sure serves a purpose but it does look pretty cool. 

He's like the Han Solo or Sawyer of the X-men team. He's not a boy scout he's a bad boy. He's maybe the second most bad-ass character on the X-team after Wolverine. 

He's a thief and he has skills beyond his mutation. He has so much destructive power but doesn't use it. He uses playing cards! 

He is in total control of his ability. You never hear about gambit accidentally blowing some one up. Gambit is pure Bad ass incarnate.


How do you feel about Gambit?


Swinebread said...

That’s cool that you have a hero you like so much but I’m not fond of Gambit.

I was a X-men fan in the 1980s, pre-Gambit, and the 1990s comics with the rob Liefeld style just killed off my enthusiasm for the characters.

Plus, when the X-men cartoon came out many of my favorite storylines from the 1980 were animated but they used the “current characters” so there was no Nightcrawler and no Colossus during the Dark Phoenix saga. That made me very angry. Seeing Gambit take Nightcrawler’s role in the series made me permanently dislike him. I quit comics for many years soon after Gambit showed up. It was like everything that I enjoyed about the team was gone and Gambit was supposed be the replacement.

But who knows, maybe if I had been younger and the X-men were new to me when Gambit was new maybe it would be a different story. But he came along right when I think the X-men went down hill and never recovered.

But, Hey he’s supposed to be in the new wolverine movie, so maybe if they do a good job with him, I might stop laying so much crap at his feet.

One thing I did like about Gambit was his immunity to Rogue’s powers because her “I can’t touch anybody” angst was getting old. OK and maybe the playing cards too.

Nick said...

Gambit is a pretty cool character.

Always kinda wanted to see the character of Gambit situated in the old West, with gunslingers and the like...Gambit seems like he'd fit well in a story as such.

The Nerdy Bird said...

Mmm...Gambit. :)