Friday, February 1, 2008

Getting into Comics?

This post is for those of you getting into comics and any comics veterans feel welcome to pitch in with tips.
1. Go out to a comic book shop and browse through the rack grab a book that has a cover that calls out to you.

2. Don't be afraid of continuity. We live in the 21st century any question you have about any book you can ask me or other reputable and well read comic book bloggers, or just google or wiki it. 

3.  If your not feeling like reading through long blog posts or wikipedia pages of history. I suggest you get a sense of continuity. How? Cartoons. Watch Batman the animated series, Superman the animated series, X-men(90's), Spider-man(90's), and Justice League Unlimited. These cartoons are well done and give you a great introduction to  a lot of  villains and heroes. 

4. Figure out what stories you like to read and buy it. There is a comic book for every type of person. 

5.  Buy a graphic novel try out the best of the best comics first. The Watchmen, Kingdom Come, Identity Crisis, etc.

6. Don't be afraid to ask the comic book store clerk for a suggestion he will refer to the books he thinks are the best. He's not gonna steer you toward bad comics on purpose, he wants you to love the comic so that you'll come every week and pick it up again and again.

7. Books I recommend for new readers. 

  • Justice League Unlimited
  • Jonah Hex 
  • Amazing Spider-man
  • Action Comics
  • Detective Comics
  • New Avengers 
  • Teen Titans
  • Star Trek 
  • The Lone Ranger
  • Dynamo 5
  • Justice League of America


Shelly said...

It should be ending soon, but I would recommend All-Star Superman. It's just plain fun.

Also, for anyone interested in crime noir, Criminal can't be beat. Crossing Midnight is good for fans of fantasy or Japanese mysticism.

There are others I'd recommend, like the new Blue Beetle, but they might be too hard for someone to jump into mid-story.

Nick said...

Trades I'd recommend too is Superman: Red Son, Batman: Hush, and Runaways.

I had been outta mainstream comics for almost a decade and these trades slowly started bringing me back.

Later on, maybe volumes of Fables & Y: The Last Man as well.