Sunday, February 17, 2008

THE Read Pile - 2/17/08

#1 UMBRELLA ACADEMY APOCALYPSE SUITE #6(OF 6) - Like my last post saids this is the most creative book I've ever read. I'm probably going to end up reading this in the parking lot of my comic shop.

#2 JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #18 - Didn't like the last issue and this is continuing that storyline. I like Burnett writing the stories in theory, cause he did such good work on the JLU cartoon, but issue 17 didn't click with me. Hopefully this issue will turn around and prove me wrong.

#3 COUNTDOWN TO FINAL CRISIS 10 - Yay! We're all on apokolips and brother eye is doing things I don't understand.

#4 MIGHTY AVENGERS #9 - Two Words: Doctor Doom!

#5 BRAVE AND THE BOLD #10 - What a great book we get to see character's rarely used. Teaming up with the best of the best and their is absolutley no limits as to when and where a story can take place. I hope this book is around for a long time and George Perez is on it forever.

#6 SHADOWPACT #22 - I used to love this book. It has steadily declined in quality. I just want the team to get back together and fight as a unit.

#7 IMMORTAL IRON FIST: ORSON RANDALL AND THE GREEN MIST OF DEATH - Iron Fist is having a renaisance that's for sure.

#8 ZORRO #1 - I'm a huge fan of Dynamite's Lone Ranger comics, hopefully this will be equally as good and provide a new interpretation on the classic western character.

#9 DEATH OF THE NEW GODS #6 (OF 8) - I don't know all that much about the new gods. I enjoyed the countdown special. I am quietly perplexed and intrigued by this book since the reveal of the source as a sentient entity.

#10 BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS #4 - I didn't pick up the first three issues some how this book slipped under my radar. I am picking this one up beacuse of Ollie's induction to the team. From far away I am not a fan of the line up, but if this issue sizzles. I'll probably jump aboard and pick up the first three issues.


billjac said...

You never got an answer to your question over at Bully's blog and you'll probably not check back on that comments section, but Young Heroes in Love is a lot of fun so I thought it worth coming over here to post my recommendation. It's a light-hearted adventure/soap-opera about a group of young new superheroes (all with personal secrets that come out over the abbreviated run of the book) in the DC universe who are also serious fanboys and -girls. You get the adventures and the bed-hopping but also the behind the scenes of putting together a team headquarters, designing a costume and all that. Well worth scouring the quarter bins for.

Stephen said...

thank you very much sir. i actually had future comments emailed to me so i would look at the recomendation. sounds pretty cool and i like the cover gonna see if i can find it on the cheap in some bins. defininitely gonna keep an eye out for it from now on.

Ryan said...

I've had a hard time reading just about everything DC has put out lately, outside of Green Arrow/Black Canary. This is just the kind of thing I need to make me interested in picking up the Batman and the Outsiders series up to this point. Thanks for the tip!