Sunday, February 10, 2008

THE Read Pile - 2/10/08

Wow! What an awesome week. The top 5 books are my monthly faves. That means that next week is probably gonna stink. 

#1 BOOSTER GOLD #0 - I've never read the actual zero hour mini-series this ties into. I've read summaries and reviews on it and don't reall y feel like it'll be a must read to enjoy this issue.  In fact I feel like Booster Gold might be the best book to help new readers in on dc history.

#2 GREEN ARROW BLACK CANARY #5 - I love Green Arrow and I never know where this book is going. I have no idea what to expect from this book other than high quality.

#3 SALVATION RUN #4  (OF 7) - This book is pretty good thus far. I just hope we see a little more action from the Flash rogues.

#4 NEW AVENGERS #38 - This book is still holding my interest. I'm still kind of pissed that it is absolutely nothing like the comic that it was in issue #1.

#5 GREEN LANTERN CORPS  #21 - The Alpha Lanterns are going to make the Green Lanterns life more complicated...can't wait.

#6 COUNTDOWN TO FINAL CRISIS 11 - Everyone gathering on Apokolips is awesome but what the heck is going on with brother eye and karate kid that story has me mad confused. 

#7 X-FORCE #1 - I'm not a big fan of the x-books as of late. And i didn't follow messiah complex, but i think everyone can agree Wolverine really needs to be on more teams(sarcasm implied)

#8 TINY TITANS #1 - This is an all ages book and I don't usually like cartoony art, but the promise of a roster that looks like teen titans unlimited sounds cool. I'm looking forward to seeing what type of mischievous stuff tiny ravager is up to.


Rich said...

Looking forward to Booster Gold too! I'm in a minority that loved Zero Hour so I like the sound of this ish.

Ryan said...

I have to agree with your sarcasm regarding Wolverine. But can we all agree that X-Force has some of the most astounding art seen in a comic for the past 2-3 years? I was totally blown away by that alone.

Stephen said...

ryan sir i can not agree with you. i find the art to be stiff, the character's have no emotion, everything is dark and yet some parts of chracters are radiant and shiny, and for some reason everyone's chin looks like it's made of puddy. i think Crain's artwork only feels natural to me on ghost rider, other than that his figures seem to inhuman, and i don't know if he's responsible for the costume design but everyone in masks having red eyes befuddle's me.

Ryan said...

I may be skewed, since my last experience seeing x-23 drawn was this shit